selfie sticks

What we think of the famous selfie stick

Our first blog post is going to be a little controversial as we find people either love them or hate them. In my opinion that is always the sign of a good product as not everyone is going to love your product as even Apple will tell you. People tend to love or hate Apple products. Anyway, what I am really talking about here is the selfie stick. This is a very young product and it has only been on the market just over a year and less in most places.

For those of you who are not aware of what a selfie stick is, it is a monopod which allows you to attach your camera to the end. What are the advantages of this? Well I am glad I asked :). This means that you can get more background in the photo as the stick can extend usually to around a foot and a half. Not only does this allow you to get more background in the picture it also means you can get better angles and pictures that you would not usually be able to get before .

They certainly are a controversial topic as many places have banned them for various reasons. I can understand how certain venues may not want thousands of people holding a selfie stick in the air but is it really much worse than holding your phone in the air? Anyway that is possibly another days work but we will keep you guys posted on any banning announcements in the coming weeks as we get closer to the festival season.